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What’s more powerful: telling a prospective customer your product is great using an ad or having someone they trust endorse your product?

At 451, we get the people who matter most to your customers to rave about your brand across all media – print, television, radio, online, and using social media. We do this by developing deep, meaningful relationships with influencers and media and crafting messages that resonate with your target audience. 


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From promoting a new product to effective crisis communications, communicating and managing your brand’s value proposition is key to influencing your target audience.  When combined with search marketing and social media best practices, traditional public relations is an exponentially powerful business tool. 


451 Marketing is a full service public relations agency.  Our team of proactive and passionate professionals is dedicated to helping our clients effectively communicate their brand message.  Our targeted, research-based approach allows us to craft thoughtful, impactful public relations campaigns that reach the audiences our clients need to be successful on both the local and national stage.


Nothing is more important to us than relationships –with our clients and the media. Our team’s extensive public relations experience has allowed us to develop intimate connections with influential members of the media both locally and nationally.  From traditional media, like print and broadcast, to digital outlets including social media and blogs, we know the decision-makers who can ensure that your message is heard. By working seamlessly with our in-house social media and search marketing teams, we deliver results – increasing not only your media visibility, but your bottom line.