Case Studies


451 Marketing prescribed AstraZeneca an integrated search and social media marketing remedy to boost organic search rankings.


While AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, has no problem developing and manufacturing breakthrough medicines, they needed help to rapidly secure top talent globally in a highly competitive and growing industry.

Strategy & Tactics

To reach active and passive job seekers, 451 Marketing executed the following tactics:

  • Identified and corrected technical issues preventing the site from ranking highly.
  • Combed the site’s content to optimize language and tags for open roles, company-specific language, and relevant career fields.
  • Provided a technical audit of the site, keyword universe, keyword mapping, and optimized URL development.
  • Ran query reports from Google Webmaster Tools and segmented out keywords in positions 3.1 through 20, on average, in search results.
  • Developed and implemented a targeted paid advertising strategy with customized ad copy for PPC and social advertising, display ad remarketing, and optimization of landing pages.
  • Provided extensive training on best practices and tips for social platforms on behalf of the brand.
  • Produced engaging, shareable content daily on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Executed a community management strategy that engaged followers and thought leaders.

39% YOY

Increase in Web Traffic


Increase in Instagram Following


Ad Clicks

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Search and social integration were just what the doctor ordered for a healthy boost in traffic and qualified applicants. Year over year, 451 Marketing significantly grew the AstraZeneca Careers presence across every social network: Instagram +401%; Facebook +133%; LinkedIn +85%; Pinterest +67%; and Twitter +28%. Web traffic increased by 39% YOY (Paid +829%; Direct +332%; Organic +287%; Referral +188%; and Social +99%. Visits, unique visitors, page views, average session duration and pages per visit all increased significantly as well.

On the paid advertising side, nearly 1 million searchers were served AstraZeneca job opening ads. Of them, nearly 6,500 clicked to learn more. Ad positioning has remained strong, with ads typically appearing in the top 2 ad spots within search results. Approximately 13% of all impressions and 21% of all clicks have been generated via mobile devices. Mobile users remained the most likely to click on the ad, with the highest CTR among the devices (1.06%, up from 1.03%). Broader terms such as ‘IT jobs’ and ‘IT manager’ remained among the top impression and click driving keywords for the PPC campaign. CTR improved nearly 165%. CTR for ad headlines that utilized Dynamic Keyword Insertion were 30% higher than ads with static headlines (0.88% vs. 0.63% in aggregate).